A Heatons History

Stories and photographs of life in The Heatons from the early 20th Century to the present day. Packed with historical information and lots of previously unseen photographs.

The Girl On The Moor.

In the autumn of 1901, Adam Blackwood, a young bank clerk, travels to take up new employment in the small village of Cedar Moor, near Manchester. As he steps from the train he experiences a sense of unease as he believes he sees the shadow of a small, cloaked figure moving in the stairwell which exits the station.

Over the next few months, he becomes haunted by what he perceives to be the spirit of a young girl. But what is her purpose? And what is her connection with the grave of the unknown Sam Blackwood, whose headstone records his date of death as over a year into the future?

As those around him begin to doubt his sanity, Adam struggles against a gathering storm determined to discover the identity of The Girl on the Moor.

Fortune Fate and Freddie Mercury

I wanted to write a semi-fictional story set in Widnes in which the actual events  of Ibex’s demise feature as a back story to events surrounding the teenage members of ’Moonshine’, the band who were determined to step in and replace them on the Widnes music scene. The story of both bands runs in parallel through a tale of tangled friendships, love triangles, and Hardyesque battles with Fate, set against the background of the final autumn term of the sixth form.